Our mission at HairOnPurpose is to engage young girls between the age of 10-18 on how to make healthy and purposeful decisions regarding their hair

72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful

-Dove Beauty Campaign

11% of girls globally are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves

-Psychology Today

63% of young girls don’t know how to define the texture of their hair.

-HairOnPurpose Survey

one in four girls between the ages of 11 and 17 are weighed down by the pressure to conform to an ideal notion of how they should look


HairOnPurpose Methodology

With a multi-faceted approach to empowerment and education, we engage our beautiful girls through interactive workshops and events, where we get to explore the world of beauty and hair!

HairOnPurpose about us

The HairOnPurpose Methodology implements the following portions for all of its workshops:

  • Engage– this portion of our workshop is focused on engaging our participants in thoughtful conversations, games and quizzes that will  help gauge their current knowledge and feelings regarding their hair. In addition, participants will engage in  in-depth discussions  around social media norms and ideals around hair and beauty standards.
  • Educate-During this portion of the workshop, we will set the foundation of the workshop and introduce participants important aspects of hair such as the history of hair, chemical composition of hair, understanding how healthy hair and damaged varies, to ingredients in products, chemical services  and much more!
  • Explore– The Exploration portion of our workshop is  an interactive hands-on Exploration and Laboratory, where participants get the opportunity to explore hair up close and learn about their own hair and scalp through hair typing, scalp and hair analysis which include, density, porosity, elasticity and more.
  • Empower– In the Empowerment portion, participants will get engage in several empowerment activities, where they will learn a hair-focused skill to promote healthy hair maintenance and styling! All participants will obtain lasting information for them to take home with them, create beauty and self –esteem focused affirmation cards and will have the opportunity to join our Mentoring Program and/Ambassador Program!