HairOnPurpose Mentorship

Our HairOnPurpose Mentorship Program is our 3 month initiative that will give our HairOnPurpose participants the opportunity to be mentored by a professionally licensed and trained hairstylist.  The participants will be paired  with a stylist based on the mentee’s goals, needs, speciality and location.

For example, if a participant is located in Harlem and wants to  seek guidance or learn techniques regarding her natural hair, she will be paired up with a mentor from Harlem who specializes in natural hair care.

Our HairOnPurpose Mentorship package includes:

  • An initial hair/ scalp analysis examination by a Trichologist/ Dermatologist
  • A mentorship relationship with a professionally licensed and trained hairstylist
  • $100 monthly gift certificate for any hair service with the mentor stylist
  • HairOnPurpose journal that participants can track their progress and notes from sessions.
  •  One offsite visit to a hair/beauty organization
  • At the completion of the 3 month program. participants will be honored at a private dinner celebrating their  beauty and progress!

Contact us to learn more about our mentorship program!