During this foundational portion of the workshop, we introduce the important aspects of hair; such as its chemical composition and appearance throughout history. Our participants will also have an understanding of how healthy and damaged hair vary, to ingredients in products, chemical services and much more!

Let’s begin with some key concepts in hair:

Hair Texture

Texture is defined by how your individual hair strands grow out of the hair follicle and is separated by three categories FINE, MEDIUM and COARSE. Texture is important to identify because it will determine the best use of products and styling tools for your hair.

If your hair is coarse and curly, then your hair follicle shape will resemble a large oval. If it is fine and curly then your hair follicle shape will be small and oval. If you have coarse, straight hair then your hair follicle shape will resemble a large circle.

Hair Density

Density refers to how thick the hair strands grows out of the scalp and how closely packed in those hair strands are per square inch. The more strands you have per square inch, the more dense/voluminous your hair is. It is important to know your hair density because it will help you choose the right products, styles, and cuts to maintain the volume of your hair.

Hair Elasticity

Elasticity refers to the hair’s ability to be pulled and returned to its original state without snapping. If you pull a single hair strand and it reverts back without snapping, then you have healthy hair elasticity. On the flip side, if you pull a hair strand and it “snaps”, then you have poor elasticity.

Hair Porosity

Porosity is defined as your hair’s ability to retain moisture. Porosity is broken down into three categories low, medium and high. It is important to identify your hair’s porosity because it will help with the effective use of products. If you have a low porosity, it means that it is difficult for water  and moisture to penetrate through because the cuticle is tight and not lifted. If you have high porosity, it means that is is very easy for water and moisture to pass through because the cuticle is lifted.

Download an example of the HairOnPurpose syllabus