FAQ for Parents

Parents play an important part of the HairOnPurpose community. Check out our list of FAQs to learn more about how HairOnPurpose can benefit your daughter.

How is the program structured?

The HairOnPurpose program is separated in a 4-E Programmatic structure that will help the participants effectively navigate through the beautiful world of hair.  The four E’s are

Engage: This portion of our workshop is focused on engaging our participants in thoughtful conversations, games and quizzes that will  help gauge their current knowledge and feelings regarding their hair. In addition, participants will engage in  in-depth discussions  around social media norms and ideals around hair and beauty standards.


Educate:  During this portion of the workshop, we will set the foundation of the workshop and introduce participants important aspects of hair such as the history of hair, chemical composition of hair, understanding how healthy hair and damaged varies, to ingredients in products, chemical services  and much more!

Explore:  The Exploration portion of our workshop is  an interactive hands-on Exploration and Laboratory, where participants get the opportunity to explore hair up close and learn about their own hair and scalp through hair typing, scalp and hair analysis which include, density, porosity, elasticity and more.

Empower: In the Empowerment portion, participants will get engage in several empowerment activities, where they will learn a hair-focused skill to promote healthy hair maintenance and styling! All participants will obtain lasting information for them to take home with them, create beauty and self –esteem focused affirmation cards and will have the opportunity to join our Mentoring Program and/Ambassador Program!

What is the Mentoring Program?

Our HairOnPurpose Mentorship Program is our 3-month initiative that will pair our HairOnPurpose Participants the opportunity to be mentored by a professionally licensed and trained hairstylist.  The participants will be paired with a stylist based on the mentee goals, needs, specialty and location.

HairOnPurpose Mentoring Program Includes:

  • An initial and post hair/ scalp analysis examination by a Professional Stylist/ Dermatologist
  • a mentorship relationship with a professionally licensed and trained hairstylist
  • one $100 monthly gift certificate for any hair service with the mentor stylist
  • a HairOnPurpose journal that participants can track their progress and notes from sessions
  • an offsite visit to a hair/beauty organization
  • At the completion of the 3 month program, participants will be honored at a private dinner celebrating their  beauty and progress!
Who will be conducting workshops?

The HairOnPurpose workshops will be facilitated by professional and licensed hairstylists, who have gone through an extensive HairOnPurpose Facilitator training that will enable them to conduct the class in a positive way.  All facilitators and staff members will have undergone a background check and application process.

How do potential participants sign up?

Participants can sign up for a class on our events page by sending an RSVP to the email address designated!

Is there a cost associated with the workshops or mentoring program?

There are costs associated with attending these transformational workshops.We offer affordable packages for our sessions! For pricing details, please contact info@haironpurpose.org

Will they have to bring anything to the workshop?

No, no tools are required for the participants to bring the class! All they need to bring is a smile, positive attitude and desire to learn more about their hair!

Where will the workshops be held?

HairOnPurpose workshops will be held in the New York City area.  HairOnPurpose Workshop details including dates and locations will be sent out to via email after RSVPs have been submitted via email. Want to know when our next workshop will be? See below to join our mailing list!

Will all hair textures be covered?

All hair textures will be covered and discussed during the workshops. All participants will get the opportunity to learn and evaluate hair textures ( fine, medium and coarse) and hair types ( straight, wavy, and curly)

Will HairOnPurpose endorse specific products or methods?

No, we will not endorse specific products or methods. At each workshop, our goal is to provide our participants with the information and resources and empower them through hand-on interactions and activities.  Our team is focused on providing them with healthy hair focused information, so that parents and daughters can purchase the best products based on information provided!

After the workshop, if participants have follow up questions, will they be able to contact anyone?

Yes, all participants will have several ways to obtain any answers to any follow up questions! Participants can:

  • Utilize our website as a resource for obtaining additional information
  • Send a follow up email to facilitator or HairOnPurpose team member
  • Join our three month Mentoring program, where they will be able consult with their hair mentor about any questions they may have!
Is there a focus on anything else, besides hair?

Yes, our workshops will focus mainly on hair, but we seek to explore the world of beauty as whole, so we will have the opportunity during the workshop to challenge beauty standards through activities to promote self love and acceptance.

Are there workshops available for moms/and or dads to learn about hair, so we can learn to help manage our daughters’ hair?

YES! We host workshops focused on supporting parents as they help their children in their journey. For more information, please contact info@haironpurpose.org