1. a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities
Confidence…Confidence…Confidence! We hear the word all the time and we use the word a lot during our  HairOnPurpose sessions. Its actually one of our leading questions to ask our participants?
Are you CONFIDENT in yourself and your abilities?
What we have learned is that being a teen in this heavy social media age is TOUGH. You are supposed to be “on” all the time without the ability to truly disconnect. Some believe that the more “likes, retweets, followers,etc that you have, the more valuable you are. We simply don’t believe that is true and to combat against this notion, we created a week long high impact week of CONFIDENCE to help our participants truly understand and live in confidence.
The week culminated with our first EVER, HairOnPurpose Confidence Photo Shoot! Here are the images
Aniyah Arianna Asante Camila Chloe Heavenly Kalani Kayla Arzu Kayla G Kendall Mariah Takijyah Todji Tiana Alaysia Sunshine