Today on our FIRST HairOnPurpose Girl of the Week, we honor this beauty: Zulaikha Patel!


Don’t know who she is?

Well look her up because this young lady is truly HairOnPurpose!  Patel helped lead a protest at the Pretoria Girls High School in South Africa because the school had placed strict restrictions on how the girls can wear their hair to school. Yes they placed a restriction on how they could wear THEIR HAIR to school. How sway? Howwwww?

 Here is the of the code of conduct:

There are so many things wrong with this “General Appearance” Code for this high school and I’m shocked that  there wasn’t uproar before this…but I’m happy that this 13 year old and her classmates decided to protest and petition against these policies!

And just 5 days later these girls can taste the sweet taste of victory because the school has suspended the General Appearance Code  while an independent investigation takes place!!


Congratulations ladies! Job well done! The work isn’t done and there is so much more to tackle as it comes to our hair, but this indeed is an awesome and special #HairOnPurposeMoment

I love you and support you with passion and purpose.