Helllooo HairOnPurpose Beauties!!!

My name is Khalia Harrison and I serve as one of the Board of Directors for HairOnPurpose! So excited to be able to share some of my quick hair and beauty tips with you. Today I’ll be bringing you a quick tutorial for big curly hair! YASSS, I said it BIG…CURLY…HAIRRR! For a long time now I have been utterly OBSESSED with rocking curly hair! I love experimenting with different curly styles whether they’re two strand twist outs, braid outs, and my personal favorite and staple look perm rod sets!

I will share with you beauties how I wash and prep my hair for this style. I love that as the days pass and the curls get older and I can play with pinning it in different styles!

Keep reading to find out how I get my lovely curly fro to flow.

Curly hair with perm-rod

Curly hair with perm-rod

Here’s what we’ll need to start:

  1. Lotta body with Coconut and Shea Oils.
  2. Small spray bottle
  3. Olive Oil Eco Styling Gel
  4. Jumbo concave perm rods green and 1-1/8” in Diameter
  5. Shea moisture shampoo
  6. 4 metal clips
  7. Small Denman brush to detangle your curly strands

I started off by sectioning my hair into four buns, spray each section generously with water to dampen, and slather conditioner in each section. I like to finger detangle my hair while applying conditioner to minimize shedding.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 12.05.02 PM

I let the conditioner sit in my hair for 15 minutes to coat and hydrate my strands. After this I proceeded to shampoo my hair (always in sections to minimize detangling!) and towel dry hair once finished. Normally I use Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave in conditioner but I didn’t have any so I used my garner Fructis conditioner instead. It’s not a leave in but I couldn’t coat my hair in gel and setting lotion without a hydrating conditioner so I had to make do!

Working my way from the back to the front of my head I begin to unravel my bun to begin rolling my perm rods. I like to dilute my setting lotion with equal parts water when wetting my hair to roll on the perm rods. I begin to grab small sections of hair, spray it with my water/lotta body mixture, smooth a dime size of gel, and brush the hair until smooth to evenly distribute the gel root to tip.

Next I two strand twist an inch long of my hair and begin to roll the hair on the perm rod from the roots down. I borrowed this technique from Gricelis a lady with a beautiful head of curly hair I stumbled upon on IG! This technique helps to squeeze out excess water and product. I continue this method all over my head and let the style air dry overnight.

culy hair with perm-rods

The morning after, I began to take out my rollers. While doing this carefully unravel slowly so that I don’t mess up the curl. Once all rollers are removed, I began to separate the curls from the root – again pulling apart slowly and where the curls naturally separate. This is my favorite part since it’s where all the hard work unveils itself and you can begin shaping your fro!

curly hair with perm-rods

Pictured above is my final look. I began to fluff and shape my fro as I separated the curls. Also be sure to coat your hands with any essential oil of your choice to reduce frizz while separating. I will rock this style for 10 days – pushing for 14 if I can!

Do you ladies like it? Are you willing to try it? If you do, upload photos on IG and be sure to tag  @haironpurpose and myself at @thecovetedK so we can see!