Whitney Hopkins was born a Jersey Shore girl with dreams of attending the prominent Howard University to pursue her undergraduate degree.

After graduating from the esteemed university, she pursued a promising career working under two mayoral administrations for the Nation’s Capital.

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During her government tenure, she led an instrumental journey for our underprivileged youth by implementing one of the District’s Youth Workforce programs targeted specifically for our underserved, yet deserving young people.

She later joined the Advisory Board Company, a global healthcare technology and consulting firm, where she is currently responsible for managing upwards of $18 million dollars of the firm’s business revenue in the technology branch of the company. Whitney holds a Master of Science in Management, with a specialization in Technical Project Management from the University of Maryland and is proud to continue her career in the STEM industry.

She’s passionate about building self-esteem and confidence in young girls, and HairOnPurpose provides a grounded foundation and clear goal of combating this issue through one of the most-talked about visual vehicles on a woman’s body – her hair.